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Vintners for Producers

We help wine producers find business partners by providing an open platform that makes the administrative part of their job easier, letting them focus primarily on winemaking.

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Reliable business partners with proven track record and reputation

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More control and transparency over how and where are your wines being sold

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Providing the accurate information about your winery and wines

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Increase revenue with innovative pricing tools for sales such as pre-order, dynamic allocations, dynamic pricing

Publish your wines on Vintners

Vintners offers a super easy way for you to create and share information about your winery and your wines. Our content platform is built specifically for the wine domain and lets you create all the information that will be used down the road in the trade.

  • Share and publish your wine portfolio on

  • Recycle this information seamlessly on your website or anywhere else

  • Export wine sheets, catalogs and price lists as ready-to download or print documents

  • Make sure all sales partners use accurate information when selling your wine

  • Collect and improve your wine information with professional tasting notes and reviews

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Reach new markets, find new distribution channels

Vintners facilitate the search for importers, agents and/or distributors in new markets.

  • Present your wine lineup to potential importers and distributors

  • Receive inquiries about potential partnerships with new importers/distributors

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Improve daily business with your importers and distributors

Vintners makes it a breeze to manage the business with your importers/distributors.

  • Manage inventories and allocations for different markets and customers

  • Facilitate your sales to importers and distributors using our order management, invoicing, payment and tracking management system

  • Get full transparency concerning where your wines are being sold

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Explore new ways of selling

At Vintners, we reimagine how wine is sold, business to business. We're excited to implement new sales tools such as:

  • pre-selling of future releases

  • managing pre-order and holds with or without fees

  • subscription-based recurring buying

  • various types of auctions

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Gain control and go direct, when it makes sense

With Vintners, you can choose to manage import and supply in a specific market/region, and why not, sell directly to wine buyers. Vintners helps with all back office services, you just have to find the right representation or agent to help you sell.

Leverage our back office platform and services, which include:

  • Import services

  • Distribution services

  • Sales reports and analytics

  • Sales advisor network available to represent your wines

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