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Vintners offers a unique way to reward wine professionals for their expertise. Building a strong wine list is a complex task. Using our platform, buyers can connect with experienced wine experts who can help them improve their wine selection, source the right wines, or even help educate the staff.

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Earn additional income by offering your services through our platform


Develop your personal brand


Extend your knowledge


Build your network

Advise wine buying

Vintners offers a super simple and fun way to build recommendations for wine purchases to send to wine buyers in restaurants and wine stores. For each recommendation you make, the recipient can easily "push the button" and proceed to buy from various sellers of the wines you selected. For each successful transaction, you will get paid a percentage of the sale and the commission will go directly to your bank account(percentage of the order amount to be discussed).

  • Build targeted wine recommendations on

  • Share them with the buyers you're helping

  • Discuss ordering with the buyer

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Review wines and share tasting notes

At Vintners, we encourage wine professionals to share their impressions and tasting notes. However, Vintners is not Vivino. We don't want thousands of reviews, but a chosen few. This can be a great way to connect with new people in the craft wine community and find new businesses who might benefit from your palate and your knowledge!

  • Review wines and share tasting notes

  • Help us enrich wine information

  • Build up your profile reputation and benefit from visibility

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Be a part of something big, that remains small

At Vintners, our goal is to help the craft wine ecosystem flourish and grow around the people that makes this community so special. That includes everyone, from producers to wine lovers. Becoming a Vintners advisor, you're helping us build this ecosystem.

  • Meet new people in the community

  • Help us better define what is Vintners

  • Have a say in which wines, producers and importers belong on our platform

  • Be a part of the Vintners investment angel club, at your capacity - from $1 to millions... and help us build something bigger and better!

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