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Insights - July 21, 2022

Vintners Product Demo, Part 1: Creating a Wine Page

This detailed video explains how to create a wine page on

Written by

Roland Benedetti

Learn how we, at, imagine managing wine information. We understand how important it is to have this handy and precise for the trade of craft wine. Our system makes it very easy to create and share precise information between all stakeholders in the wine trade.

We make sure that master can be accessed only by the producer or their importer, where the two can collaborate to create the most accurate and appealing wine information page. The same information can there be shared with distributors and customers with ease. And you don't have to worry about sensitive information. We ensure that pricing and commercial details are visible only to people and companies directly involved, such as your sales reps, distributors, customers or sellers. Anonymous viewers cannot access this information (but can still see public information, such as appellation, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, etc.).

This video very clearly and in a detailed manner explains how to:

  • manage wine information and wine sheets easily

  • use it across different channels: the marketplace, your website, print collateral, mobile websites or others

  • share and collaborate with your business partners to avoid information discrepancies, save time and increase productivity

  • share digitally with anyone curious about the wine

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