Insights - August 24, 2022

Vintners Product Demo, Part 3: Curating the Shopping and Sales Lists

This detailed video presents how to create shopping and sales lists and the tools that come with it

Written by

Roland Benedetti

This detailed video explains how you can create different shopping lists on your profile. Learn how we at imagine curating lists (both if you're a seller or a buyer) and more importantly how you can improve or simplify the ordering process. Our tools can enhance your buying process by:

- Offering a database that is a great source of information about the producers and their wines

- Providing a tool that creates your shopping list for specific events, seasons or simply your general ordering

- Allowing you to edit, collaborate and communicate with other members of your company directly through the list you created

- Simplifying how you generate your lists (for offers, menus, presentations) through PDF download, or sharable QR code

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