Insights - February 17, 2023

Introducing Tasting Notes

A tool that allows sharing tasting impressions from different wine professionals

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Roland Benedetti

Our users asked for a tool that would allow them to share information about wine with their customers and clients. has always been a perfect tool for sharing factual information about wines, but there was no simple way to share personal impressions. We now introduced tasting notes to make this possible.

This new feature allows all users (and amateur wine lovers) to post tasting notes for wines published on website. Although we respect scores, this is not about ranking, so there will be no way to give numerical values. Tasting notes on are written in a freeform text box and you can use tags that help you categorize a wine (either from the list of existing ones, like “classic”, “gastronomic”, “meditative”; or you can suggest your own term that fits).

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Private vs Public

Tasting notes on can be posted privately, meaning only within your company peers (i.e. you’re sourcing new wines for your restaurant or import business and you want everybody to share their thoughts), or publicly with any viewer using our platform.

Verified Seller

We initially created this feature so wine sellers could communicate with their prospects. This is why it is important that readers can distinguish between the seller’s review from all others. To make this distinction, seller’s notes carry a “Verified Seller” badge and are on top of the list of tasting notes.

Mobile Friendly

Just like the rest of the features on, tasting notes can be written using a smartphone or a tablet, working smoothly whichever device you use.

Please note that as we introduce this feature, the field “Wine Styles” that was previously shared in the wine information itself is being removed. This allows us to make the wine information template better and more descriptive.

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More to come

We see this as the first step, but we envision many different evolutionary stages of this feature. Among others: integrating these notes in Buying Lists, building widgets of the most recent reviews at different places of the websites, analytics and view counts, liking and sharing features, and more.

If you have any suggestions to improve the tasting notes feature, please let us know by emailing us at

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