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Podcast Episode - March 31, 2022

Franc de Pied or Nothing with Loic Pasquet

According to Loic Pasquet the only true wine comes from ungrafted vines

Written by

Aleks Zecevic

Loic Pasquet is a regarded winemaker at Liber Pater and Denarius and president of the Franc de Pied association. He is famous for producing "the most expensive wine in the world" at €30,000 a bottle. However, he is even more famous for being a tireless advocate of ungrafted vines or Franc de Pied.

In the second episode of Vintners Podcast, Loic Pasquet focuses on his mission to emphasize the importance of ungrafted vines to bring back "the original taste of wine". According to Pasquet, the only true expression of terroir can come from vines that grow on their own roots and are not grafted. He explains that grafting enables producers to manipulate the taste of wine and that the aim should be to bring the pre-phylloxera expression to the bottle.

Pasquet also speaks of the forgotten varieties of Bordeaux and how they influence his winemaking. He grows a number of indigenous grapes that are not permitted in the AOC rules anymore. Lastly, he talks about food and music and how they can relate to wine.

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