Podcast Episode - July 20, 2023

Everything Good with Alex Delany

In this episode Alex Delany, former drinks editor of Bon Appétit, talks about his Everything Good, a guide about different neighborhoods in NYC, and more

Written by

Aleks Zecevic

Alex Delany, former drinks editor of Bon Appetit magazine, who is currently working as a food and beverage consultant, freelance writer and DJ . This episode will not focus on wine, especially not in a nerdy way, but rather we wanted to do something different with Alex mostly because we love his taste in all things craft.

Alex will share a bit about his career and will discuss his writing series called Everything Good, which highlights literally all good things in different NYC neighborhood. These are free and accessible on Alex’s Instagram, which is alex_delany . We are hoping for a lot of intel that will help those visiting NYC, but also people who live in the city, but don’t necessarily haver the time to explore it.

We will also hear a little about the wines Alex likes to drink and why. He will tell us about his recent wine and food experiences in Spain and more.

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