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We help wine producers to easily work with business partners of all sorts providing an open platform that make their job easier and let them focus on Wine and not on Administration task.

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Vintners is a B2B platform supporting the trade of craft wine globally. Vintners aims at offering more choices to buyers and more value to producers by making the business more liquid, more flexible, and more efficient.

We believe that an efficient, open and fair market is always better for its participants. And we think that the wine market is ripe for a change, leveraging modern technology applied to communication, trading systems, price discovery, supply chain management and logistics to deliver both efficiencies and new capabilities.

We think the wine market has a few unique characteristics that make it ideally suited for a modern decentralized, community-driven marketplace: it's highly fragmented, it's inherently global, it shares at the same time characteristics of art items and commodities.

The Vintners' platform brings together the following market participants: producers (list wine available and to come), importers/wholesalers (buy from producers and sell it to buyers or other wholesalers, tell the stories of the producers), buyers (wine stores, restaurants, retailers buying wine on the platform) and advisors (recommend wines to buyers).

In addition to traditional yet advanced B2B marketplace features, verticalized for the specifics of the wine trade (online portfolio, digital shop for sellers, order processing, negotiations, allocations, subscription and primeur sale, in-person and virtual tastings etc.), we are looking at offering a set of advanced services enabled by Web3 technology.

Each cuvée put on the market is minted as a token on a blockchain, programmed with the supply set on the number of bottles released, to be used as a base for advanced services. These tokens would then be able to flow to contracts and accounts, enabling a new range of advanced services such as: import as a service, cashflow financing, dynamic pricing, royalties on secondary sales (to the producer), KYC & reputation, instant inventory, and many others yet to be invented.

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Commitment to Craft Wine

Commitment to Craft Wine

We are dedicated to craft wine. Real wine produced by real people in limited quantity, from the new generation of natural winemakers to the classic high-end Burgundians. Sorry, no industrial wine here!

Selling Wine is an Art, Just Like Making It

Selling Wine is an Art, Just Like Making It

We are not just another Direct-to-Consumer website. Actually, we don't sell directly to consumers at all, as we believe selling wine is an art. We don't want to replace it, rather just make it easier, so you can focus on the art.

The Trade Should Be as Liquid as Wine

The Trade Should Be as Liquid as Wine

We believe the trade should be as fluid as wine. Processes, information and transactions should flow as a fine wine, in and out of a Zalto glass. That's where a Digital Platform can help.

Winemakers First, Always

Winemakers First, Always

For the wine market to be healthy, firstly it must take care of the producers. We believe that the trade should be fair and transparent, across all channels, from the producer to the final consumer.


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