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Dirty Bacchus is devoted exclusively to natural, organic, vegan wines, ciders, meads, and sake, from small producers around the world.

We see Dirty Bacchus as a farm stand, as a place where farmers who devote themselves to the arduous hands-on cultivation of flourishing vineyards, and where winemakers who devote themselves to the transformation of those vineyards’ robust grapes into wine, get to display and sell the products of their toil and care.

Every wine on the shelves at Dirty Bacchus is low-intervention, organic or biodynamic, sustainably farmed and vegan. The contents of every bottle we sell are as close to the hands of the farmers and of the winemakers - as close to the grape - as possible. 

The wines we select are farmed and vinified in ways that respect the people who make them, respect and revive the land they grow from, and respect the future health of that land and those people.

Commitment to Craft Wine

Commitment to Craft Wine

We are dedicated to craft wine. Real wine produced by real people in limited quantity, from the new generation of natural winemakers to the classic high-end Burgundians. Sorry, no industrial wine here!

Selling Wine is an Art, Just Like Making It

Selling Wine is an Art, Just Like Making It

We are not just another Direct-to-Consumer website. Actually, we don't sell directly to consumers at all, as we believe selling wine is an art. We don't want to replace it, rather just make it easier, so you can focus on the art.

The Trade Should Be as Liquid as Wine

The Trade Should Be as Liquid as Wine

We believe the trade should be as fluid as wine. Processes, information and transactions should flow as a fine wine, in and out of a Zalto glass. That's where a Digital Platform can help.

Winemakers First, Always

Winemakers First, Always

For the wine market to be healthy, firstly it must take care of the producers. We believe that the trade should be fair and transparent, across all channels, from the producer to the final consumer.


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