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Vintners for Importers and Distributors

We help Craft Wine portfolio importers streamline their operation and build better sales performance.

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Maximize your revenue in your geographic market by touching new customers you otherwise wouldn't have access to

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Less risk and more visibility on the business

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Better control on the wine information and stories. Easy sharing and collaboration

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Help with the logistics, managing your pre-orders, allocations and more

Publish your portfolio on Vintners

Vintners offers a super easy way for you to create and share information about the wineries and the wines you represent. Our content platform was built specifically for the wine world to let you create all the information that will be used down the road in the trade.

  • Share and publish wines on as well as on your website and in any other publication

  • When wines are already entered, just reuse the content already shared by the producers, their importers/distributors and verified wine professionals, saving tons of time and insuring more accurate information

  • Export wine sheets, wine catalogs and price lists as ready-to print or download documents  

  • Make sure all stakeholders use accurate information when selling wines from your portfolio

  • Collect and improve your wine information with professional tasting notes and reviews

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Reach new markets, find new distribution channels

Vintners facilitate the search for distributors.

  • Present your wine line up to potential distributors in and out of state

  • Identify new potential agents or distributors

  • Vintners manages the whole business flow from ordering to payment and delivery

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Save money and time lowering sales admin and improving daily business with your producers and distributors

Vintners helps you manage the business with your producers and distributors 

  • Automatize anything that can be automatic: re-stocking, order and invoice management, request for tastings, holds, pre-orders, etc.

  • Manage inventories and allocations for different markets and customers you serve

  • Facilitate sales using our digital payment service (ACH and ACH scheduling)

  • Get full visibility on your sales performance

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Explore new ways of selling

At Vintners, we reimagine how wine is sold, business to business. We're excited to implement new sales tools mechanics such as:

  • pre-selling of future releases

  • managing pre-order and holds with or without fees

  • subscription-based recurring buying

  • auctions

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Get financing from Vintners ecosystem to fuel your winery

Vintners offers additional financing options:

  • Finance your growth with funding from Vintners ecosystem angels

  • Define loaning terms that meet your business plan

  • Build trust with your producers by ensuring prompt payments

  • Build trusted long-term relationships

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