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About Ploder-Rosenberg

Ploder Rosenberg is a family estate located in Vulkanland Steiermark It spans over 11 hectares 27 acres of vineyards With Manuel Ploder the winery is now in its third generation but the real pivot happened in 2005 when the family converted to biodynamic farming and started to focus on PiWi fungus resistant varieties Today 70 to 75 percent of their vineyards are planted with PiWis with Souvignier Gris being the primary grape With Manuel s takeover in 2011 the winery took the next step in its development He changed the style and started pursuing low intervention winemaking He is joined by his partner Selina Weratschnig but is also still aided by his parents Maria and Aldred Manuel and Selina are free spirited individuals often seen walking barefoot and ...

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