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Mermejita South Coast
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Mermejita South Coast

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from zrswines com 5th generation Oakland native and 3rd generation winemaker Chenoa Ashton Lewis and cinematographer Will Basanta got fully bitten by the winemaking bug in October of 2019 when last minute they bombed up to Sonoma Mountain from Los Angeles on the news that Chenoa s family vineyard still had unsold grapes that were quickly turning to bird fodder With the help of family and friends they jumped in picking and crushing to make an experimental Syrah and Pinot Noir co ferment The single barrel was then stored in a tent for 8 months on the family s organic 50 year old vineyard planted by Chenoa s grandparents in the early 1970s In 2020 when quarantine hit Chenoa and Will once again escaped to Glen Ellen In ...

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