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Abbazia San Giorgio


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still wine

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red / white

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Grape varieties

Alicante, Nerello Mascalese

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About Abbazia San Giorgio

Battista Belvisi has always worked with wine He started his career at a young age making traditional passito and Pantelleria wines with his father and grandfather He went to college in Palermo studying agriculture and there he met his wife Pina Unlike most of his contemporaries who fled Pantelleria if they were able to go to a university Battista s father convinced him to come back to the island to see if he could put his knowledge to work locally He decided to follow his father s advice and came back to do a number of agrarian jobs After a few years he was involved with wine and worked for 3 years as a consultant for Abraxas an established mid size 26ha winery in Pantelleria Soon after he ...

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