Podcast Episode - February 7, 2023

The Croatian Sensation: Krešo Petreković of Vinas Mora and ZRS Wines

Krešo Petreković is a wine salesperson and importer with Zev Rovine Selections and winemaker for Vinas Mora winery in Croatia, as well as Podrum Franjo

Written by

Aleks Zecevic

In this episode of the Vintners Podcast, Aleks Zecevic interviews Krešo Petreković, a familiar face to many people in the craft wine industry. Krešo is a long-time associate of Zev Rovine Selections, with whom he imports and manages the Central European portfolio. He also runs Vinas Mora, a fairly new winery project located in Primošten, Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast. Additionally he consults and makes wine with his father at Podrum Franjo winery in inland Croatia (in the extension of Southern Styria).

Krešo speaks about his experiences in the wine industry, from his humble beginnings being a sales representative for a Croatian wine importer, to becoming a sensation of Croatian winemaking in the last few years.

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