Podcast Episode - February 14, 2022

Reinventing the Wine Trade

Roland Benedetti, one of the founders of Vintners and a wine enthusiast, talks about his new venture and explains the mission of the company

Written by

Aleks Zecevic

Roland Benedetti is one of the founders of Vintners, a digital B2B platform for the Craft Wine industry. Roland talks about his previous experiences working in tech, his small wine import company Living Wine and his overall passion for wine. We discuss what Vintners is about, the mission of the company, how will it work, what is Craft Wine. Roland explains how Vintners will function, fees associated with the services offered and more. He explains the value the platform brings to its users (wine producers, importers, distributors, wine shops, restaurants and wine professionals. We also discuss the main struggles in the wine industry today and how they can be improved. Roland also talks about gives some of the insights on his personal preferences when it comes to wine and food.

The episode also talks about the news in the wine industry, including the recent study showing that people who drink red wine have less chance of contracting coronavirus and Dry January.

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Also, that's what we drink at the end of the podact: Thibaud Capellaro Terra 2019

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