Podcast Episode - August 19, 2022

Double Trouble from Oggau Austria - Gut Oggau

In this episode of the Vintners Podcast, Aleks Zecevic talks with Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck, the power couple behind Gut Oggau, the pioneers of the natural wine movement in Austria

Written by

Aleks Zecevic

Gut Oggau is a project in the small town of Oggau in Burgenland, Austria, started by Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck in 2007. Before starting the winery, Eduard made wine with his father in Styria, and Stephanie’s family owned and operated the Michelin starred restaurant Taubenkobel

They restored the 17th century winery that had been abandoned for 20 years. Their vision to farm responsibly and apply some of the biodynamic principles started at the very beginning and their wines have always made with very low intervention in the cellar. They are one of the leaders of the natural wine movement in Austria, but also in the world at this point.

The episode explores their journey and some of their life and wine philosophies. They speak about their farming methods and touch up on a few food and wine issues that are very relevant today.

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