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Kaamen II is a blend of different single sites from top locations and oldest bush-vines (the average age of vines is 70 years, but some go up to 100 years). Hence, the yields are extremely low, but the fruit delivered is of premium quality. All sites are situated between 250-300 meters above sea level. The rugged terrain doesn't allow any mechanical work, so all farming is done by hand.

Because of the quality of the fruit, the wine is well extracted. Upon picking, the grapes are pressed and left on the skins for 4-5 days and fermented in open casks. More than half of the wine is matured in fiberglass tanks, while the rest goes into 500L neutral oak barrels. The wine is bottled after a year without fining or filtering and with a very small dose of sulfur. The resulting wine is extracted, but balanced with deep color, great depth and complexity.



Hard facts

Practicing organic
minimal SO2
Hand harvest
Native yeast


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250-300 meters

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Age of the vines:

60-80 years, but some vines are even 100 years old

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Red sand, pebble rock


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neutral oak, microfiber

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Winemaking notes:

4-5 days of maceration, followed by spontaneous fermentation in open vats

Elevage details:

More than half of the wine is matured in fiberglass tanks, while the rest goes into 500L neutral oak barrels.


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Total SO2:


About Vinas Mora

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Vinas Mora is a winery on the coast of Croatia. It is a Co-Op that buys grapes from local growers who farm the historic vineyards around the town of Primosten. It is a project started by a wine veteran Kreso Petrekovic, who has been working with Zev Rovine Selections based in New York City, for over 15 years. He is joined by another veteran, Niko Dukan, as well as a local winemaker, Neno Marinov. The trio made their first wines in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and started releasing them in the summer of 2021, when they became an immediate success.

Vinas Mora is a play on words in Croatian and it means "Wines from the Sea", depicting the terroir and landscape of the area. The vineyards are very dry and exposed to a lot of wind, so the disease pressure here is very minimal, allowing for undemanding organic farming. Thus, Vinas Mora gets only organically farmed grapes, some of which are certified and some which are not simply because it doesn't make any financial sense for a grower to do so considering some of them have plots that are under a hectare.

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